4 comments on “the .450 Marlin vs the .45-70

  1. That’s my rant against the .450 Marlin… it’s a pretender to the crown! It’s Runner Up, that’s all! Nothing more! BUT, that’s not a bad place to be as a concession. But I’ll never own one. That’s based on principle, NOT ballistics. Actually, the ballistics of the .450 Marlin, when handloaded, are very good. Good enough to easily take on any big game on this continent and most others as well. Just not quite as good as the .45-70 in a modern rifle, which has more rifles and components to work with. But my “rant” is not so much against the .450 Marlin, but the marketing “strategy” that caused it to happen in the first place. Purportedly, shooters, including handloaders, can’t discern plain information on loaded boxes of ammo that clearly states: “THIS AMMO IS INTENDED FOR STRONG ACTION .45-70′s, SUCH AS MODERN MARLINS, RUGERS, BROWNINGS, ETC. IT IS NOT TO BE USED IN VINTAGE RIFLES SUCH AS SPRINGFIELD TRAPDOORS, ROLLING BLOCKS, ETC.” On the other hand, we ARE expected, as handloaders, to read and understand similar instructions in reloading manuals regarding the various models of .45-70s.

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